Hello, I am Juan Felipe Ortiz

Nice to meet you

My Science way of life

I live for challenging questions.
I thrive on the pursue of discovery.
I dream of the mathematical beauty of all things alive.

Evolutionary genomicist

As a research scientist in the laboratory for Phyloinformatics at the RIKEN Biosystems Dynamics Research, I have decided to listen to nature using the language of evolutionary biology.

What am I up to right now?

My quest on Genomic Geography

In most genomes, there are regions where genes tend to be very close and similar to each other, and often form clusters. Evolutionary variation in such clusters of gene duplicates has been associated with the evolution of highly variable traits, like snake venom, animal body architecture, and olfaction.

In order to identify clusters of gene duplicates, I developed CTDGFinder ( article).

Coming out soon!

My task right now is to use CTDGFinder to study how gene clusters have influenced the evolution of mammalian chromosomes. Exciting results will come out soon!